We are Compumac

We are an Information Technology company, prepared to strategically and operationally serve the creative market. Our history began in 1992 in Brazil, and since then we have expanded our operations.

We believe that the human being is at the center of everything.


It is the characteristics that define the way we are, what we think and do.
This is really true for us and for the people who participate in our history.


We take care of yours as our own. A caring with care and responsibility.


We surrender to each challenge.
And these challenges generate deliveries with strength and value.


We always want to know more and better. We learn and teach to the same extent.


We made the complex simple. Our solutions focus on the essential and indispensable.

We like to have the answers, but we still like to ask the right questions.


At the beginning of each job, we dive deep into each client's reality so we can offer tailor-made solutions designed to meet the real and effective needs. No more, no less, only the essential and indispensable.

The CPU makes no sense without the DNA.


Our best ideas and best deeds are the result of curiosity.

We operate in the creative market, but we believe that creativity can be anywhere, anytime.



Infrastructure, servers, systems, cloud email platform migration


Customer Support Technician Allocation


Macintosh Support

iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air


Increase productivity and print economy with calibrated devices

We seek transparency in relationships.


We are close, we are always available physically or virtually.


When New Vegas expanded its operation and needed more technology support, I remembered some guys I had known over 10 years ago. We call these guys. Since then Compumac has been in our house. The big difference is that Compumac lives our daily life and our culture. This makes our demands very well understood and support is much more responsive and effective.

Vinicius Facco, New Vegas Co-Founder & Managing Director

We have worked with Compumac for many years and have complete confidence in your work. Competence, transparency and availability have always been part of the way we work, so we recommend them with your eyes closed.







Lucas Mello, CEO Live

We embrace each work with passion, dedication and enthusiasm.


Compumac has in recent years been a great partner in solving simple to highly complex problems. I often say they are my digital conscience!




Rodrigo V. Cunha,

ProfilePR CEO

You usually just remember that you need an IT expert when you have a problem.
That's why COMPUMAC is the best partner a company can have.
It's when you need it most that they are always available.
To help, to think, to strategically address technology integration and support needs.
So we can work more focused on delivering what we know how to do and sleep well.
Because whenever you need them, they will be there.

Márcio Callage,
Vulcabras/Azaleia CMO




We want to build memorable stories with the companies and people we work with.


we take care of computers for you

take care of what's important to you



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